Future-focused design that brings your vision to life.
Human experience at the heart of thoughtful, provocative design.
Powerful ideas that elevate the human experience.
Transformative design solutions.
Creating environments that help people, organizations and communities thrive.
Harnessing the power of design to elevate the human experience.

We design adaptable, inspiring, meaningful, high-functioning and beautiful environments that empower all who inhabit these spaces to thrive.

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Zimmerman is an interdisciplinary architecture, interior design, planning and engineering firm.

We believe that the creation or renovation of a building is a landmark event. Architectural environments have the power to transform businesses, strengthen communities, inspire learning and save lives.

The foundation of our firm lies in the knowledge, spirit and soul of the people behind the scenes of the spaces created.

Meet our team of imaginative and award-winning architects, planners, designers and professionals whose expertise defines and supports Zimmerman as a leader in the industry.

You're in good company.


Cultivating a strong sense of community is the core of what we do. It all starts at our office, where our commitment to being present with each other is demonstrated in our work.

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