We are a full-service design, architecture and engineering firm, relentless in our pursuit to encapsulate our clients' 'why' with dynamic environments.

Zimmerman’s design philosophy and integrated approach help you refine your objectives for the future to express your identity and inspiration through architecture.

Approach & Design Philosophy

We create environments that have a positive, lasting impact by combining rich insights about the experience of the people who will use the space, the nuances of our clients’ businesses, and the greater social, cultural and environmental context of our work.

Our design philosophy is rooted in a holistic comprehension of our clients’ unique ‘why,’ hopes and aspirations – the inherent project motivators. Clarifying the intrinsic project drivers and using them as a basis for design is an integral part of our process. Only when you lead with the ‘why’ can you get to powerful design solutions.

We are laser-focused on developing collaborative relationships with our clients, immersing ourselves in your day-to-day operations and achieving high-quality designs to seamlessly bring your ‘why’ to fruition.


We take pride in creating elegant and practical designs that incorporate sustainable elements, creating a harmonious coexistence of individuals, their communities and the built environment. We recognize the importance of resiliency and responsibility in the development of projects at every stage and scale.


Expert-developed solutions for tomorrow's built environment.

Zimmerman’s full-service, in-house architectural services administer principal involvement throughout your project to drive design excellence characteristic of clients’ brands and cultures. Intimate market expertise and cross-market application allow our teams to explore functional intersections to yield outcomes with architecture as unique and evolving as your needs.

Interior Design and Environmental Branding

Interpreting client needs and internalizing identity in aesthetics.

Zimmerman’s interiors studio possesses an outstanding knowledge of diverse design styles and aesthetics to capture concepts representative of clients’ specific tastes and criteria. We bring brands to life in the physical space by creating entirely cohesive developments, interpreting inspiration that results in all elements of the environment tailored to reflect your identity. Every aspect of the environment is tactically designed to reinforce your brand image and connect stakeholders to your mission and culture in a meaningful way.


Research-based, future-focused strategy and solutions.

Zimmerman’s foresight is firmly fixated on the future, considering present-day conditions in tandem with sustainable design for longevity and legacy. All strategic planning is supported by research to provide insight for decision-making, substantiated by our historical database and robust data-gathering capabilities.

Landscape Architecture

Stimulating a sustainable connection between humans and nature.

Zimmerman’s holistic approach to landscape architecture renders seamless, beautiful transitions between the built and natural environment. Our multidisciplinary process enhances human experiences by design — from the outside in and inside out.


Innovation and experience embedded in architecture.

Zimmerman’s full suite of engineering services is found in-house, with a team specializing in civil, structural, mechanical, electrical, lighting, plumbing and fire protection design. We present innovative solutions grounded in technical expertise to solve complex challenges and leverage opportunities. Each of our engineers has a practice focus, and the collective group prioritizes comprehensive integration of building systems for optimal facility performance and maximum efficiency within the overall design.