MillerCoors Flying Hippo Innovation Center

Forecasting the future of their business ebbing toward craft-brewing, MillerCoors sought ways to foster creativity and break routine thinking. The concept precipitated the creation of a unique innovation lab deep within its Milwaukee, WI headquarters.

MillerCoors engaged Zimmerman to create an environment that would act as a catalyst to inspire creativity through a unique combination of functional and imaginative tools, allowing collaboration while ensuring protected intellectual capital.  

The goals for the project included combining multiple working environments within the company uniquely and creatively; incorporating technology and collaborative tools to capture, provoke, and share thoughts and ideas, fueling numerous creative situations by adapting to the environment through flexible and movable furniture; providing a valuable space to showcase, store, prep, create, and taste prototype projects; promoting meaningful face-to-face relationships with both internal and external customers; and creating a cutting-edge, creative environment through technology, lighting, and finishes that will clearly state the space from a typical conference room.

Known as The Flying Hippo, the new innovation center is “where big ideas take flight.”


Milwaukee, WI


237,000 sq. ft.

Services Provided:

Architectural Planning and Design, Plumbing Engineering, Interior Design