Aurora BayCare Pediatric Center

This unique children’s health clinic provides a new home for a collaboration between BayCare pediatricians and UW specialty practice physicians. The center provides a wide range of services including children’s cardiology, digestive health, urology, orthopedics, general surgery, plastic surgery, neurosurgery, therapy, nephrology and pulmonology.

This center is specially designed to make children’s visits to the doctor fun and memorable in ocean, safari and jungle-themed spaces. Bright colors, materials and graphics are evident in each wing’s corridors and exam rooms. Exam rooms each have two doors, one which allows patients to enter from the public corridor and the other for staff from their collaborative workspaces. Utilizing sliding doors minimizes the need for additional space to accommodate traditional door swings. The off-stage staff collaboration areas allow teams of providers to work together in a space not directly accessible to patients.

The center features a “self-rooming” concept that allows patients to be checked-in, assigned, and directed to their rooms. Room monitoring systems indicate when rooms are in use or available for the next patient. As a result, self-rooming eliminates the need for a provider to escort patients from the lobby to the exam rooms.  Time saved escorting patients from the lobby to the exam room allows nurses to spend more time with the patient in the exam room.

The project was completed in seven months, from design through construction.


Green Bay, WI


21,700 sq. ft.

Services Provided:

Architectural Planning and Design, Structural Engineering, Interior Design

Scott Gosnell


Vice President | Director, Healthcare

As the Director of our Healthcare Studio, Scott leads a team of healthcare planning and design experts who are focused in evidence-based design, Lean healthcare design principles, and biophilic design. Before exclusively concentrating his professional efforts on healthcare facility projects, his main areas of focus were in the firm's healthcare and hospitality project categories. This unique combination of experience has resulted in projects that embody an environment of care that values patient experience in quality, brand, convenience, and amenities as well as staff efficiency and well-planned spaces. Scott has been with Zimmerman for nearly 20 years, having joined the firm shortly after earning his Master’s Degree in Architecture from the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee.