UW Health Interventional Radiology Renovation expands procedural care offered at University Hospital

The UW Health University Hospital in Madison, Wisconsin sought enhancements for their Interventional Radiology (IR) Procedure Areas to accommodate a broader spectrum of intricate procedures. They engaged Zimmerman to conceptualize a new IR laboratory, refurbish an existing IR facility, and renovate the associated support areas.

This multi-phase project includes a variety of remodeling needs that involved the consideration of various users and procedure types. Initially, phase one was proposed to be the remodeling of IR Lab #4.  However, through our Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) approach, the Zimmerman team determined that the phases needed to be reassigned to maintain critical IR operations.

To meet the operational goals of the IR department, four IR rooms needed to function at all times – meaning the new IR Lab #5 needed to be designed in phase one. IR Lab #5 is the first room of its kind to be constructed on a floor above ground level due to the substantial size of Siemen’s imaging equipment, which weighs just under three tons.

Installing the massive piece of equipment on the third floor presented a significant design challenge. Our solution was to create two reinforced slots in the floor to bear the equipment’s weight. Long structural elements were cut smaller, re-installed and re-welded once they were brought into IR #5 to achieve the necessary structural support.

Throughout the project, the Zimmerman team coordinated with multiple medical equipment and technology vendors. Equipment had to be carefully coordinated with the existing infrastructure to ensure fit and function. New rooms were planned to accommodate video integration equipment. A new air handling unit was installed to meet current air flow requirements as well as provide negative air flow needed for Covid conditions.

In addition to the IR rooms, support areas were also renovated and expanded. Reading rooms and storage space were relocated to better support staff flow and reduce corridor congestion.

To efficiently ensure that all needs were met, the Zimmerman team engaged all UW Health stakeholders early in the design process and used virtual simulation tools. This process allowed the users to experience the design together, work through any challenges with the design team, and build consensus on the best design solution to support their needs prior to construction, eliminating costly changes later in the project schedule.


Madison, WI


4,750 Sq. Ft.

Services Provided:

Architectural Space Planning, Architectural Planning and Design

Scott Gosnell


Vice President | Director, Healthcare

As the Director of our Healthcare Studio, Scott leads a team of healthcare planning and design experts who are focused in evidence-based design, Lean healthcare design principles, and biophilic design. Before exclusively concentrating his professional efforts on healthcare facility projects, his main areas of focus were in the firm's healthcare and hospitality project categories. This unique combination of experience has resulted in projects that embody an environment of care that values patient experience in quality, brand, convenience, and amenities as well as staff efficiency and well-planned spaces. Scott has been with Zimmerman for nearly 20 years, having joined the firm shortly after earning his Master’s Degree in Architecture from the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee.