Creating a Sanctuary for Cancer Patients through a renovation at Froedtert West Bend Hospital’s Cancer Center

The Cancer Center at Froedtert West Bend Hospital offers a calming, healing environment that serves the unique needs of cancer patients for privacy, specialty treatment, coordinated care, convenience, and compassion. Zimmerman is proud to have provided planning and design services for the original Cancer Center as well as the most recent renovation and expansion project.

Zimmerman was asked to design a new infusion space and expand the existing clinic space to support growing patient volumes. The expansion project aimed to meet increased demand for medical oncology services and improve access for Medicaid patients in the community. However, there were challenges to address: creating separate hospital billing entities within the same space, aligning with the evolving facility master plan, and managing additional scope.

To overcome these challenges, Zimmerman collaborated with the facility manager, department leadership, and end users in design workshops. These workshops allowed all stakeholders to have a voice, resulting in ownership and buy-in from everyone involved. Leveraging Lean design concepts and tools, stakeholders actively participated in the design process, contributing their ideas.  Zimmerman also facilitated a visioning session to develop project goals and drivers, including improving flows, providing excellent patient experience, creating flexibility for future growth, and establishing a calming environment.

During the design process, staff participated in a puzzle play exercise to determine the ideal layout for the new infusion center and expanded clinic. The design team and stakeholders tested different layout options to ensure they aligned with the project’s goals. The newly designed infusion center features 18 semi-private infusion bays, two private rooms for treatment, and a dedicated space for patients receiving cooling cap treatment. Additionally, six new exam rooms and staff support spaces were added to the existing clinic. The interior design follows Froedtert’s standards, creating a tranquil space with clear wayfinding for patients and visitors. The project met the goals of improved flow, accommodating future growth and providing an excellent patient experience.


West Bend, WI


14,218 Sq. Ft. Renovation | 600 Sq. Ft. Addition

Services Provided:

Architectural Space Planning, Architectural Planning and Design, Interior Design

Scott Gosnell


Vice President | Director, Healthcare

As the Director of our Healthcare Studio, Scott leads a team of healthcare planning and design experts who are focused in evidence-based design, Lean healthcare design principles, and biophilic design. Before exclusively concentrating his professional efforts on healthcare facility projects, his main areas of focus were in the firm's healthcare and hospitality project categories. This unique combination of experience has resulted in projects that embody an environment of care that values patient experience in quality, brand, convenience, and amenities as well as staff efficiency and well-planned spaces. Scott has been with Zimmerman for nearly 20 years, having joined the firm shortly after earning his Master’s Degree in Architecture from the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee.