VEIT’s Wisconsin Facility Blends Modern Design with Company Heritage

With operations growing in the Wisconsin market, Minnesota-based company VEIT aimed to build an iconic, high-profile corporate facility in Wisconsin to support its ongoing operations and position itself for long-term and emerging market growth.

The new facility was designed in alignment with the strong architectural branding of VEIT’s Minnesota headquarters to establish continuity in their buildings across various markets. The new facility incorporates all operations at one location, including equipment storage and maintenance operations, conference areas, training rooms, and office and administrative spaces.

The project embodies the company’s “employees first,” culture, prioritizing employee well-being. The design features spaces with natural light, views of natural surroundings, and generously sized break rooms for social interaction. Floor openings enhance connectivity between levels in the multi-level work environment. High-quality finishes and branded elements throughout the building emphasize the value placed on staff experience and foster company pride.

The visually striking entrance incorporates a piece of the company’s fleet of machinery into the design of the building. An out-of-commission VEIT excavator arm serves as a monument and structural element and is used to support the signature canopy at the entrance of the building. To achieve this, loads for each of the equipment’s individual components had to be calculated with remarkable precision.


New Berlin, WI


35,000 Sq. Ft.

Services Provided:

Architectural Space Planning, Architectural Planning and Design, Structural Analysis, Structural Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Plumbing Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Landscape Architecture

Brian Hatzung


Vice President | Director, Live, Work, Play

As Director of our Live, Work, Play Studio and licensed architect, Brian leads a project team of exceptional architectural and engineering professionals. He approaches each project with careful and purposeful attention, using the client’s mission not just as a guide, but as a basis for every decision. As a LEED accredited professional, Mr. Hatzung brings an appreciation and a sensitivity for sustainable design to every building. He has over two decades of experience in a wide variety of building types, including adult daycare and childcare facilities, parking structures, religious environments, animal habitats (zoo), university-level educational facilities, and athletic field facilities. Furthermore, he has developed significant experience in spec warehouse, industrial and manufacturing facilities and in non-profit projects, community centers, and YMCA facilities.