Transforming the Patient Experience Through Intentional Design at Aurora Waukesha Health Center

The Aurora Waukesha Health Center’s project goals were to enhance patient access, increase patient throughputs, and improve the overall patient experience. To achieve these goals and accommodate growth in the Occupational Health, Ophthalmology, and Dermatology clinics, the third floor and part of the second floor of the health center were renovated.

During the design process, our team tested several layouts and discovered the third floor wouldn’t have sufficient space to meet the expanded program needs. To address this issue, we collaborated with the owner to identify underutilized space on the second floor and found it would fit the needs of the Occupational Health clinic. As a result, the project scope was expanded to include renovating a portion of the second floor, providing the necessary square footage to fulfill the clinic’s growing requirements.

These clinics see many elderly patients who use wheelchairs or walkers. We worked closely with the clinical staff and equipment vendors to plan the spaces and ensure exam rooms will function efficiently for staff and can accommodate patients with limited mobility. To ensure easy access to the exam rooms and testing equipment, wide doors and hallways were used.

The existing Mohs procedure rooms, which were located on the first floor, were causing inefficiencies in workflow for dermatology providers. The relocation of these services to the third floor was a key driver in improving overall efficiency and streamlining patient and staff flow.

The Ophthalmology department needed to expand to include a retail vision center and optometry services. The interior finish color and material selection for this clinic considered the different perceptions that patients with different eye conditions can have. Interior design concepts were tested with visual filters to represent what patients with vision impairments such as glaucoma, macular degeneration, or tunnel vision would see. This testing ensured that the final design would meet the needs of patients and create a positive experience.


Waukesha, WI


15,000 Sq. Ft.

Services Provided:

Architectural Space Planning, Architectural Planning and Design, Interior Design

Scott Gosnell


Vice President | Director, Healthcare

As the Director of our Healthcare Studio, Scott leads a team of healthcare planning and design experts who are focused in evidence-based design, Lean healthcare design principles, and biophilic design. Before exclusively concentrating his professional efforts on healthcare facility projects, his main areas of focus were in the firm's healthcare and hospitality project categories. This unique combination of experience has resulted in projects that embody an environment of care that values patient experience in quality, brand, convenience, and amenities as well as staff efficiency and well-planned spaces. Scott has been with Zimmerman for nearly 20 years, having joined the firm shortly after earning his Master’s Degree in Architecture from the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee.